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Does curb appeal even matter? Let a Pivotal Real Estate agent help you!!

Curb appeal Does matter.

Get out the lawn mower, the weed eater, the hose and some mulch.

Often times a property can be spruced up in the matter of a day or two. Life is busy for everyone these days and sometimes we forget about edging our lawns, or spraying down cob webs, but it makes all the difference in the world to a buyer in today's market.

Inspectors will be looking for chipped paint, bad window seals, cracked windows, a negative grade in the ground towards your foundation, roof repairs needed, foundation concerns and if you have a deck, safety concerns will be on an inspector's check list for the exterior of a property. Might as well go ahead and get the scraping and repainting done. It will appeal to a potential home buyer if the property looks well maintained. That impression starts the minute they pull up.

Helpful tips:

Pull weeds

Trim overgrown bushes and plants

Mow the lawn

Clean the gutters

Reroute your downspouts

Paint the front door

Add a welcome rug

Knock down cobwebs

Power wash the exterior and windows

Add a little color for interest with pillows, flowers, or decoration to the front of your house.

When you went to look at your current property did you look at the curb appeal first? See.......

It matters. : )

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